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What Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Content Marketing

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Content is the fuel that drives every online marketing campaign to its desired conclusion. Real estate agents particularly have to rely on content since they have to be consistently approaching potential customers and build relationships with them. Content marketing, in that case, is an asset to their existing digital marketing strategy.

In this post, we are going to understand what content marketing stands for and how real estate agents can benefit from this highly result-oriented online marketing strategy. Moreover, we will try to understand various ways real estate agents can use content marketing in 2020. So, let’s get started!

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the strategic and methodological approach to promoting a brand online by creating and distributing valuable and relevant content consistently across various online platforms. The idea is to attract the attention of the target audience through content that interests it and provides life-altering value.

This marketing strategy is primarily focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content online. It can help brands attract the right customers and help them eventually convert. Most often the brands that undertake content marketing do it for boosting brand awareness. Let’s find out the benefits of content marketing.

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

Here are some of the most important benefits of content marketing that real estate agents should know.

1. Build Traction from Social Media

Real estate agents have to rely on social media to promote their offers. They invest in creating a high social media following across channels to ensure they reach more and more relevant people. However, the fan following will be of no use if you aren’t able to use it to your advantage. In other words, you have to make sure you drive the social media following to your business website. This will only be possible if you give them enough reasons to do so i.e. provide them with high-quality compelling content.

2. Establish Trust with Customers

Trust is a huge factor that determines the success of a real estate firm. Creating relevant content will definitely help you build a solid relationship with your audience. creating a content strategy that involves answering audiences’ questions and considering online feedback will eventually help them trust your brand. The more you are able to help your potential customers with their content, the more they will be willing to associate with your real estate firm.

3. Boosts Audience Retention

Producing and distributing high-quality content is bound to create a positive experience for your target audience. Your potential customers will find value in your content and will be back for more, giving you more opportunities to reinforce the positive experience. This way, you will achieve higher audience retention across your online platforms.

4. Build Online Authority

You want your target audience to perceive you as an established market leader. They should think of your real estate firm as a credible place to get information. Content marketing gives you the opportunity to present yourself as an industry expert since you will rank higher on search engines for major customer queries. Make sure your content demonstrates your expertise in real estate.

5. Generate Leads Online

Online lead generation can be simplified using content marketing strategies. While you are creating highly interesting content for your audience, you will have to couple it with highly effective calls to action and place them directly into your content. This will help your audience get an idea of what exactly they have to do once they are done consuming your content. In other words, you are trying to use content in order to drive your potential customers to conversion. This will enable you to generate new leads for your sales team to work on.

6. Influence Purchasing Decisions

Content gives insights. For customers looking to know more about your firm, they will resort to the content you publish online and try figuring out how you function. If you end up satisfying their queries through the content, they will be able to make an educated purchasing decision. Make sure you publish high-quality content that is rich in information. Also, always include appropriate CTA to guide your readers.

7. Rank Higher in Search Engines

Search engine optimization is a huge part of any content marketing strategy. You don’t just want to keep publishing content without getting it ranked on the search engines, do you? The high-quality content will only come of any use if people are able to consume it. So, you will need to focus on being consistent and quality conscious while producing content. Understanding your target audience and conducting keyword research will give you a great competitive edge.

How Real Estate Agents can use Content Marketing in 2020?

There are many content marketing strategies that real estate agents can implement in 2020. Let’s take a brief look at some of the most important content marketing strategies for real estate agents.

1. Develop High-Quality Website

Your business website is going to function as a hub for all your online marketing campaigns. Create a mobile-friendly and responsive website for your visitors to land on. learn more about the best features for real estate websites here.

2. Real Estate Videos

Videos are the rage in 2020. Video consumption has shot up significantly in 2020 and you must cash on this opportunity. Shoot good videos of your properties and also publish informational (and entertaining) videos.

3. Social Media Optimization

Understand how different social media channels function and then optimize accordingly. Create and optimize content for major channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. learn more about the different social media channels here

4. Online Virtual Listings

Most people are scared of moving outside or traveling due to the coronavirus pandemic. Create virtual tours and make them readily available since these also give a sense of ownership.

5. Real Estate Blog

You have got to create your own real estate blog on your website to coalesce all the important information you have for your customers. This is where you need to double down on when it comes to exchanging knowledge.

Final Thoughts

As a real estate agent, you just cannot undermine the importance of a solid content marketing strategy in 2020. However, you have got to show some patience because organic content marketing strategies can take time before showing noticeable results. Want help in real estate content marketing? Connect with us today!

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