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Which Social Media Platforms Are Best for your Real Estate Business?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The social media dilemma is real. There are dozens of social media channels out there and chances are that your target audience is on them. While you can always target every social media application and stay active on them (which will mostly end up in a burnout), the sane thing to do is figure out the right social media channels and stick to them.

So, which social media platforms are the best for your real estate business? To help you decide your social media line up, we have created a list of most popular social media apps. We will discuss the applications in-depth and figure out if they are a fit for your business model. So, stay with us until the very end. Let’s get started!

Best Social Media Applications for Real Estate Business

Here are the top social media applications in the market. Stay with us as we find out the best social media apps for your real estate business success. (MAU = Monthly Active Users)

  1. Facebook (2.56 Billion MAU)

Facebook is by far the biggest social media platform that you will come across. With over 2 billion people, 65 million business pages, and over 6 million advertisers, Facebook will always be your top priority when it comes to using it for your real estate business. Facebook realizes that businesses would want to use it for online promotion and hence it has made it easier for you to get started. You can post almost all kinds of content formats on your business page. However, you will have to optimize your content to make it conducive for mobile users (94% of total Facebook users).

2. LinkedIn (675 Million MAU)

If there is a social media network that you shouldn’t ever miss, it has to be LinkedIn. It has quickly grown from a resume and job search site to a professional social media site where industry experts can have professional discourse. It is a great platform for real estate business owners to establish their thought leadership and authority by growing their network and also creating their group.

3. Instagram (1 Billion MAU)

Instagram is a highly popular photo and video sharing social media app that is owned by Facebook. Since it is a visually-oriented social media application, you have to focus on creating high quality and appealing content in the form of photos, videos, and stories. Real estate business owners can use Instagram to post attractive photos of their properties. You can create an Instagram business profile that will help you track your performance and even use third-party social media management tools.

4. Twitter (330 Million MAU)

Twitter is the one-stop-app for online users looking for content related to news, entertainment, sports, and more. This social media network is known for real-time information. In other words, Twitter users are more into knowing what's happening right now. You can post text, photos, and videos on Twitter. However, the character limit on the platform is just 280. So, you must give a good thought before tweeting on the platform. Real estate business owners can use Twitter not only to connect with their target audience but also to grow their professional network.

5. Pinterest (416 Million MAU)

Real estate agents can use Pinterest to post content related to their properties and important information that real estate enthusiasts are looking for. Pinterest is the kind of social media application that thrives on inspiring users to make a purchase. It is where online users arrive to discover new content and products.

6. YouTube (2 Billion MAU)

YouTube is predominantly a video sharing platform where over a billion hours of videos are consumed every single day. Real estate business owners can use YouTube to publish videos of their real estate properties, share their real estate expertise, and help real estate enthusiasts make good decisions. It is very easy to create a YouTube channel for your real estate business and start posting content. Since YouTube is also a search engine, you will have to optimize your videos and the related meta descriptions to make your content rank higher.

7. TikTok (800 Million MAU)

TikTok is the latest addition to the list of social media applications. Popularly known as Douyin in China, TikTok is a well-accepted social media app that is mostly used to create short music videos. Users can post videos up to 60 seconds on the app. The best thing about it is that you don't have to rely on any other application for shooting, editing, and adding music to your videos. However, the social media app has been facing a lot of criticism lately.

8. WhatsApp (2 Billion MAU)

WhatsApp is a highly used messaging app that is now available in more than 180 countries around the world. The social media app was initially used to stay connected with friends and families and establish communication between them. However, with time, the messaging app was being used by business professionals as well. WhatsApp realized the demand and started shaping their platform for business use. Today, real estate business owners can use the WhatsApp Business app and APIs to conduct business communication with their clients.

9. Messenger (1.3 Billion MAU)

Although Messenger was released as a messaging feature within the Facebook application, it has transformed itself into a standalone app that now helps businesses run advertisements, create chatbots, and conduct business communication on it. The standalone app today has expanded and has given the real estate professionals a myriad of features they can look forward to.

Bonus: Google My Business

Unlike the other platforms mentioned above Google my business is not a social network it's more of an online directory, it's a free easy-to-use tool from Google that allows businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, you can verify your business and edit your business information, Making it easier for customers to find your business when searching google and google Maps. It's a must-have tool in your digital fanny pack to improve your digital marketing efforts.


Social media marketing is tricky when you have so many options. However, you can follow a more direct approach to this highly lucrative marketing strategy. We highly recommend going for 2-3 social media apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and then once you are well established on them, you can reach out to other important platforms too. Looking for help to design a solid social media marketing strategy for your real estate business? We are running a special promotion for businesses that need help with social media click here to learn more Connect with us today!

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